FAQ Trading Season

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter the Competition?

Everyone* can participate as long as you make at least one trade on Polynomial Trade during the competition. The rankings and participants will be displayed on a dedicated page.

How do I claim my prize?

Prizes and rebates will be sent directly to your smart wallet account after review within a week after the conclusion of each trading competition.

How are traders ranked during competitions?

In competitions, all traders will be ranked based on their PNL (Profit and Loss).

What is my level?

Your level is displayed on your personal page and it depends on the XP accumulated.

How can I level up?

Traders can level up by actively trading on Polynomial Trade. Various mechanisms, including using advanced orders and closing profitable positions, allow traders to earn more XP. Polynomial also plans to introduce additional ways to gain XP, such as daily activity, side events, and referrals.

Can I deposit and withdraw from my account during the season?

Yes, everyone has full control of their assets and can manage their position.

How many OP I gain this week?

The amount of OP received by a trader depends on factors such as volume, level, and competition. Traders reaching specific levels can earn a multiplier on their $OP rewards based on volume, while additional rewards are distributed during the competition based on the leaderboard.

How can I claim the NFTs?

NFTs are claimable on Galxe once the corresponding level is reached. You can find the Collection to claim here: Polynomia Galxe Campaign

How can I compute XP?

We create a specific page with all the information and some example about XP

*Users located in prohibited countries are not permitted to engage in trading activities.

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