FAQ Funding Arbitrage

Frequently Asked Questions

My estimated APY changed, why?

The estimated APY can change due to various factors, including fluctuating funding rates and changes in Supply and Borrow APR. As these variables are subject to time-dependent adjustments, the displayed estimated APY on the user interface may vary accordingly.

Can i close just one position?

In this strategy, partial position closure is not permitted. Only full position closure is allowed to maintain delta neutrality, ensuring that both the opening and closing actions occur simultaneously.

Which token do you support for the strategy?

Currently, FRAS supports only ETH as a token during its beta testing phase. However, based on community feedback and demand, additional tokens and features may be considered for future implementation.

Can't find my margin/funds?

When closing the Funding Arbitrage position, the margin/funds used to open the short position on Polynomial Trade will be available in the ETH margin balance. The implementation of the Polynomial Wallet makes it easier to track and understand the distribution of funds.

Users located in prohibited countries are not permitted to engage in trading activities.