The price is tracked in real-time from CoinGecko. This value may differ from the actual oracle price used by Polynomial.
24-hr Change
This refers to the change in price of the underlying asset over the last 24 hours. The value can be positive or negative, depending on the asset's price change.
24-hr Volume
This represents the notional volume traded on Polynomial over the past 24 hours. The total volume of the Synthetix protocol will be different since other protocols are built on top of it.
24-hr Trades
This is the number of trades (open or close) executed on Polynomial during the last 24 hours.
Open Interest
In perpetual futures, open interest refers to the total number of outstanding contracts in a particular market. It measures the total number of contracts that have been entered into but not yet closed out or settled.
Unrealized P&L
This is the potential profit or loss that would occur if a position were closed at the current market price.
Realized P&L
This is based on the difference between the entry price and close price of a position. Trading fees and funding fees are also included in the realized P&L.
Collateral / Margin
Amount of an asset required to maintain a leveraged position. On Polynomial the collateral is the stable-coin sUSD
Process of selling off a trader's assets to repay outstanding debts or obligations when their margin balance falls below the required level.
Initial Margin
This refers to the amount of money required to be deposited to open or maintain a leveraged position.
Keeper Deposit
This is the deposit required to run a keeper bot, which is used for delayed and off-chain orders. These orders are executed later by an entity when the timer expires and the order becomes eligible for execution.
The funding rate is the periodic fee paid between long and short positions to ensure the contract's price aligns with the underlying asset.